Primary School P.E. and School Sport Premium information 2013-2020

P.E. Programmes of study for K.S. 1 and K.S. 2


Medway PSG Risk Assessment 2022-2023

HSSP Virtual Hula Hooping Competition 2022-2023 HSSP Virtual Skipping Competition 2022-2023

HSSP Virtual SAQ Hurdles Competition 2022-2023 HSSP Virtual SAQ Ladders Competition 2021-2022 Medway PSG Sports Hall Athletics Festival Competitive Me (yrs 5 and 6) Medway PSG Sports Hall Athletics Festival Healthy Me (yrs 3 and 4) Medway PSG Racket Skills Festival (Healthy Me yrs 3 and 4)

Medway Secondary School Games (SSG) Competitions

Medway SSG Risk Assessment
Medway SSG Cross Country Medway SSG Badminton Medway SSG Virtual Indoor Rowing Competition Medway SSG Handball Competition (yrs 7-10) Thinking Me Medway SSG Futsal Competition (yrs 7-10) Competitive Me

Medway SSG Sports Hall Athletics Festival (yrs 7 and 8) Social Me

Medway SSG Girls Rugby Festival (yrs 7 and 8) Thinking Me

Medway SSG NEW Dodgeball Festival (year 7’s) Healthy and Social Me

Medway SSG Girls Rounders Festival (years 8 and 9) Healthy Me

Medway SSG Super 8’s Athletics Festival (year 7’s) Thinking Me

Medway SSG Cricket Festival (years 7’s) Competitive Me

Medway SSG District Athletics (years 7-10) Competitive Me

HSSP Reports, Business Plans and other useful Partnership information

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses in Medway for teachers (Primary staff)

HSSP Primary P.E. Co-ordinators Networking afternoon Thurs. 26th March 2015

HSSP Primary P.E. Co-ordinators Networking afternoon Thurs. 13th March 2014

Primary C4L clubs for years 3 and 4

Sports Code of Practice

Supporting Schools to deliver out-of-hours (on site) sporting activities involving adults other than teachers (AOTT's)

Out of School Hours Sports Assistant Workers

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Items for Loan

  • Digital Camera
  • LCP Primary P.E. Curriculum Resources
  • Paralympic 'Ability vs Ability Nothing Else' Education pack for schools
  • Tri-Golf Bag of equipment
  • Small number of Hoops, Blindfolds and bean bags
  • 3 concept indoor rowers
  • 1kg balls (for chest push in virtual athletics)
  • BISI Mini Badminton rackets and nets/posts and shuttles
  • Vortex Mega Howlers (for virtual athletics
  • Table Tennis bats and balls, plus plastic nets
  • Mini Squash rebound wall, rackets and balls
  • Mini Tennis rackets and balls

Activate 5/7/9 resources – Val Sabin

Contact Claire Moore 07725724393 for further details

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