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2008 - 2009 Academic Year

BLF Fencing and Tai Chi clubs Rm Mk Gr
BLF Multi-Sports DANCE Club Miers Court
BLF Tchouckball club
Cricket Dev Day's March 09
Howard School OSHL ice hockey club spring 09
Medway Sec Trampolining 18 March 09
Hoo Safer communities project 2008
Multi Skills KS1 Festival at Hoo 26 March 09
Multi-Skills KS1 Festival at Woodlands 26 March 09
Multi-Skills KS 1 Festival at the 442 sports centre 26 March 09
Rainham Mark Hockey OSHL club
NBC BLF Tramp club
Sherwin Knight Infants Multi-Sports Festival
Tri Golf Festivals KS1 March 09

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Parents, carers, coaches, teachers, official photgraphers and volunteers have gained official authorisation from the event organiser on the day to take photographs and use video equipment. Registration would take place as soon as the event commences, this was for child protection purposes. Teachers in charge of pupils and parents are aware that some of these photos may be used for promotional material such as websites/leaflets and posters.

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Items for Loan

  • Digital Camera
  • LCP Primary P.E. Curriculum Resources
  • Paralympic 'Ability vs Ability Nothing Else' Education pack for schools
  • Tri-Golf Bag of equipment
  • Small number of Hoops, Blindfolds and bean bags
  • 3 concept indoor rowers
  • 1kg balls (for chest push in virtual athletics)
  • BISI Mini Badminton rackets and nets/posts and shuttles
  • Vortex Mega Howlers (for virtual athletics
  • Table Tennis bats and balls, plus plastic nets
  • Mini Squash rebound wall, rackets and balls
  • Mini Tennis rackets and balls

Activate 5/7/9 resources – Val Sabin

Contact Claire Moore 07725724393 for further details

miscellaneous photos
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